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Silex Route Helpers for a Cleaner Architecture

The full stack framework allows us to annotate our controller methods to take away some of the common tasks, we can do it in Silex too

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Coding DCI in PHP

I recently taken a closer look at DCI, this post describes my investigation as to how viable implementing DCI in PHP might be

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Silex Controllers as Services

Using a custom controller resolver, we can create controllers as services much like how it's done with the full stack Symfony framework

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How I'm doing TDD with PHP

I've been watching the Destroy All Software back catalog over the last couple of months and it's really inspired me to up my TDD game. I'm still fairly new to TDD, I've written tests for a long time, but never really let it lead my development...

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Handling Symfony2 Events Asynchronously

How many of your event listeners need to act synchronously? If the answer is 'not many', have you considered trying to handle those in an asynchronous manner?

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Phpmig - Simple migrations for php

Phpmig is a simple migrations system that was written to be easily adopted regardless of the framework or libraries you are using. It requires a little bit of setting up, but if you know you should be using migrations, you're probably more than capable.

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Work in Progress


phpmig is a simple migrations system for php. It was designed to be very portable at the cost of not being very configurable

See the source at github or install from pear.atstsolutions.co.uk


DaveCatcher is my UK domain name drop catching system. It's a closed system and is constantly under development, but has had some moderate success, catching domains such as customercare.co.uk, todo.co.uk, nets.co.uk and sat.co.uk


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Dave Marshall has been building web applications with various technologies since around 2004. Dave is a TDD enthusiast, blogs quite regularly at davedevelopment.co.uk and has recently increased his efforts to give back further, by contributing to OS projects such as Silex and Mockery

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Maintainable PHP Apps with Silex & BDD

I'm currently writing a book, Maintainable PHP Apps with Silex & BDD, leave me your email address and I'll keep you up to date on my progress.

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