Right then, I've finally bit the bullet and created an identity package contest over at SitePoint. It's a contest to design a logo, letterhead and business cards for ATST Solutions which is my emerging business as a sole trader, mainly for the little bit of cash I'm making from my advertising on various web sites, but I've started a small web design contract for a friend, more on which later.

I decided to do it this way for a number of reasons:

  • Although technically capable with some aspects of design, I lack creativity and any artistic qualities.
  • The excellent quality of works in the other SitePoint contests
  • This way lots of people get to throw ideas at me and I pick the one's I like, eventually picking the one I like most.
  • I wouldn't know where to start commisioning someone to do it in a none contest sense.
  • I think the money spent on SitePoint listings and prize money is good value for the quality you get.

Will post the winning entry when I get it, the contest ends this Friday. I'll also post links to any designers websites who made good impressions and came in close.