I'm an experienced software developer with over 13 years in the industry , working for large and small companies in the private sector. I can bring this experience to your team and help you achieve success.

I'm currently available for micro-consulting and mentoring.

What can I help you with?

@davedevelopment is the most humble but most legit testing dude I've ever talked to in the PHP community.

Adam Wathan, Tighten Co.

Automated Testing

Test automation in PHP projects is my main area of expertise. I'm one of the maintainers of Mockery, a very popular test double framework for PHP. I can bring a wealth of experience of testing up and down the stack, from isolated unit tests over clean code, to end to end acceptance tests on legacy systems.

I can work with your team, building your test suite while coaching your staff, or I can work completely independently, building you a test suite that will prevent regressions and expose faults in your application and inefficiencies in it's architecture.

Code Reviews and Audits

Want another set of eyes on that new feature before you merge? I can help with that. Working at on an hourly rate, I can come in for small, remote code reviews with a quick turn around.

I also offer off the shelf remote audits for your entire PHP applications, to help you find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your code and architecture, leading to practical suggestions for improvement. These suggestions might just make things a lot easier for you, or they could save your business from a disaster in the making.

If your application is particularly large, or if there is something specific you would like me to focus on, I can tailor the audit towards more certain criteria as desired, such as architecture, security, performance or quality.

Technology Advisor

I can serve in the place of a CTO in the early days of your startup, providing short term guidance and advice on technology decisions and operations.

Software Development

While I do specialise in the above areas, I'm also happy to come in as a general gun for hire and join your team to help you build great applications in any way you see fit.

Dave has a hunger for knowledge and a dedication to getting things done that yields some outstanding results.

Paul Furnival, Spencer Group.