I have a few projects that are in the pipeline, some are at the design stage, some are just notes written in my 'ideas' pad, thought I'd share a few.

Ingleton Plumbing and Heating

This is a project I started about 4 years ago for a friend, at one stage I got a fairly decent design done and was just waiting on a bit of content, but that got lost along with the design for the ATST Solutions site after a hard drive failure and a lack of backup. I've got a very basic design going, needs some flair.

PHP Book Reviews and Star Wars Book Reviews

I decided to start these two as little niche book review sites. I read a lot of Star Wars books and a few PHP books and figured I could write my own reviews, use amazon's web services to get other peoples views and attempt to make money through the affiliate links. I decided to do this seeing as one of the most popular posts on this blog is the Essential PHP Security Book Review.

A price comparison site

I have a few ideas aimed around creating a price comparison site, starting small but hopefully getting big. I plan on using product feeds from the various affiliate networks and have a rather cunning marketing plan, not one that hasn't been done before, but I don't think anybody has done it in this area before. I've got a couple of thoughts on the name, one of which is treading a little too closely on PriceRunner, but I'm in no rush with this one.