DaveWP screenshotI figure it's about time I updated my blog and designed a new theme, but before I do I thought I would tidy this one up and release it. just like I told 'Big John' from Position is Everything I would do well over a year ago. It's far from perfect, but I kind of like it and it made a good project for me to experiment with some new design technologies.

The layout is based on the The Jello Mold Piefecta Layout, being a 3 column, source ordered, fixed width, equal height column layout. The template also uses sIfr ( to produce rich and accessable headings.

Looking back I was clearly influenced by Mike Davidsons Blog design, for which I apologise to him and in no way take credit for the 'look' of the theme.

Get the zip or gzipped tarball. Feedback and comments would be appreciated, but not quite as much as bug reports and fixes.