I've been sitting on some code updates for www.which-broadband.net for a while now, what seems like ages ago I added a simple news section and adding link redirecting along with click tracking, but didn't get around to releasing it. I actually made a couple of sales of the site the last couple of months, so I thought I'd make a little effort to tidy things up, but decided to do it the long winded way and learn something in the process. I've read lots about Capistrano before, but never really put it into practice, now seemed like the time and also to try the ActiveRecord's migrations. Most of it went swimmingly, the biggest annoyance I found was ActiveRecords MySQL implementation, in that the BIGINT's I had were only integers to ActiveRecord so once I created the database with migrations, the columns wouldn't hold a number large enough. I got round this by making the columns strings and overiding the accessor and modifier in the model in question and then things were fine. I also had problems where I was reading the Capistrano one manual, but using version 2, which has some major differences. Anyway now I have an updated version of my site online, plus an automated deployment tool readily available, lets hope I'll make more frequent updates. I'm doing a few little tests with AdWords to see if I can do any click-flipping, if nothing works I'll just leave it alone for now, don't have the time to push it too hard.