In a few weeks a few colleagues and myself will be attending phpnw08, a PHP conference arranged by the PHPNW community.

phpnw08 is a 1 day conference, to be held on Saturday 22nd November 2008, for developers, designers, managers or anyone else with an interest in the PHP programming language.

The conference will have a range of well known as well as more local speakers and aims to highlight current best practice and emerging topics within the sphere of PHP and web development.

This will be the first conference I've attended and I'm lucky enough to have my ticket paid for by Spencers. I'm particularly looking forward to the keynote with Derick Rethans, The Power of Refactoring with Stefan Koopmanschap and the final panel with Steph Fox, Ivo Jansch, Scott Macvicar and Felix De Vliegher.

Anybody else who's going, that's my picture over on the right, if you see me, please introduce yourself! Anybody who's in the UK and not going, register now!