Update 27/04/2010: I have received a number of enquiries via email and I'll be going through them to try and find the best candidate, I'll also make an effort to reply to all emails I've received. Thanks to all for your interest.

It's been just over a year since I initially launched zfsnippets.com, it was a good little project for me to get used to the Zend Framework, but since then I've totally neglected it. I'd normally leave a website going despite my lack of enthusiasm, but I no longer need the VPS it is hosted on so I'm looking for someone else to take the project on and move to their hosting solution.

My interests have moved quite rapidly in the last year and the project is sadly no longer of interest to me. ZFSnippets receives approximately 2,500 visits a month, so I think it's worth keeping the project alive.


If you're interested in hosting the site and hopefully building on it and improving it, please email me, dave.marshall at atstsolutions.co.uk.